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A bit about me

Hi, I'm Ryan Ore, a front-end Devloper in Chicago. I come from an AS3/OOP background, and it was good to me. However we're in a Mobile First, Flashless world and I'm excited about the web and where we are going.

I love clean code and good design, and believe that technology and creative should inspire one another.

Skills and Experience


  • CSS / CSS3
  • HTML / HTML5
  • Javascript
  • mySQL
  • PHP
  • AS3

    Libs etc.

  • Jquery
  • LESS
  • CodeIgniter
  • Wordpress
  • Gaia
  • PureMVC
  • netBiscuits


  • Design Patterns
  • Mobile
  • Responsive Layout


  • Backbone.js
  • Node.js
  • Knockout.js


AiDi Pictures2014

  • AiDi Pictures Mobile


Responsive Design • Mobile First • Javascript • CSS

Freelance site for AiDi Pictures, an LA-based Production Company.

visit site »

Sprint - #Builtforchicago 2013

  • sprint builtforchicago mobile

Developer (agency)

Knockout.js • CouchDb • CSS • Mobile • adaptive

I worked quickly with a small and talented group using multiple technologies to help bring 4g to Chicago.

visit site » Redesign 2012

  • jennair homepage

Lead Developer (agency)


This is a complete redesign for Jenn-Air®, as well as a big move from an all flash site to an HTML front-end. Like the brand's products, it is beautiful, usable, and classy. Interestingly enough, I was also one of the main devs on the old flash site.

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Jenn-Air® Mobile Site 2011

  • jennair mobile

Developer (agency)

PHP • Mobile • CSS • JS • NetBiscuits

A mobile version of was created to be optimal on just about any tablet or mobile device under the sun.

QR link to jennair mobile visit site »

JimmyD's 2010

Lead Developer (agency)

AS3 • Gaia

This is a full-window experience that you have to see for yourself. When the creative team hands you a vision like this, it is a pleasure to bring to fruition.

no longer live


Thanks for your interest.

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the side...  

In lieu of a blog,  I'll be sticking random stuff here which may or may not be interesting. Whether it's a project, plugin, or idea, feel free to contact me about anything that interests you.

Custom Radio / Check Boxes: plugin

The Problem: Styling form elements sucks if you support Internet Explorer.

My Solution: I've seen javascript solutions but not yet a simple jQuery plugin that accomplishes this. Does mine need work? yeah. But it works.

Here's a demo »

Mobile Safari Fixed Position Nav bug:

The Problem: In iOS/mobile Safari, When you have a fixed position nav bar on a page (like this site), once you click a button inside the fixed element, it renders the entire nav bar unclickable. The only way to get it working again is to physically scroll the page with your finger. The buttons react by becoming usable again.

My Solution: Add a significant height to the containing div just before animating to your target page. On complete of that animation, remove the height. I was so relieved to have solved this problem (hacked, worked around), that I posted it on here on Since then, people have emailed to thank me, as well as ask me to help them implement on their sites. If I haven't responded to your email I'M SORRY! I just had a baby and launched a couple of sites. 2012 has been a crazy year.


I've been working with Node.js, on a pet project which will hopefully see the light of day. Rather than a game, it's a scorekeeping app that will let you keep score of anything, in real time. Real time updates with websockets allow anyone interested to find your game and watch score updates as it happens.

Learning the nueances of Node.js has been bitter sweet but the hardest part is actually finding the time.